An interview with Natasha Gan by Saimaa Miller

To kick off the new blog, who better to interview than the founder and designer, Natasha Gan by celebrity nutritionist and author of 'The Great Aussie Body Diet', Saimaa Miller....

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Posted on April 21, 2016

Natasha Gan is an Australian fashion designer, businesswoman, mum and all-round beautiful lady. I chatted to her about life, healthy living and her daily life on the island of Bali…


Tell us a bit about yourself…


I’m a working mother with a passion for having a good time with my family and friends and enjoy living life to the full.

I choose to live in Bali to give our family freedom and for us all to experience a more open lifestyle. We really enjoy travelling through Asia and living closer to different cultures. It’s a priceless experience for our whole family.


Have you always embraced active Living/health & nutrition or was there a light bulb moment?


I’ve always loved living a healthy lifestyle. I used to play badminton for the NSW Badminton team since the age of 13 to 20. My dad is the world badminton champion and my brother was the Australian champion, so I come from a very sporting background.

Running is another passion of mine – I run every day no matter whether I’m in Bali or New York or Sydney!

Of course, fashion is my life – I’ve had my own fashion company since the age of 21 and I have always had a dream to incorporate both passions, so developing the activewear line was a natural progression.


Run us through a day in the life of Nat?


Most days I wake up at 6am, get the kids ready for school. We’re out the door just before 7am to go out for breakfast. Our favourite family breakfast in Bali is at Watercress café in Batu Belig.

After breakfast, I head to the gym and workout for an hour before going to the office.

As soon as I get to the office, I sit with my team and we brainstorm the day and plan who’s doing what.

After that it’s full steam ahead.. as we’re a global brand, we are working in over three time zones.

I will have meetings with the print companies, the embroiderers and my graphic artist to develop new prints.

I also run the design studio and factory in Bali where we produce the more beaded and embroidered styles for our clients in America and Europe.

I do like to finish work at 5pm so I can spend time with my family. We like to head to the beach for a sunset walk at Batu Bolong in Canggu, and then head home for a healthy home cooked meal. I love to cook for my kids as it really is an important part of our family time together. We all get involved.

At the weekends we love to explore the islands around Bali. Nusa Lembongan and the Gili Islands are our favourites for snorkelling and riding our bikes.

Ubud is also a great place we go with the kids for a relaxing weekend.


What does a typical day on your plate look like?  


For breakfast, my favourite is sour dough toast with feta cheese and avocado. This gives me energy before the gym and keeps my going til lunchtime.

At lunchtime, we generally get take away from Bali Buda which is really close to our design studio. I love the chicken salad with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and alfafa sprouts.


Family dinners we have at home, and I like to cook roast chicken with lots of vegetables, or steamed fish with rice and vegetables. Simple but delicious.


Do you have a motto or mantra you live by?

I love to enjoy life and try to keep a balance between working hard and playing hard. My family are the most important focus in my life which is why the balance is so important.


What are your favorite three ways to move?


Running, yoga and snorkelling


How do you keep on top of your health and fitness when you travel?


I run everyday wherever I am and always stay in hotels or villa’s that have a gym.


What advice would you give to people who are just starting out on their Active Living journeys?


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Give yourself achievable goals and don’t give up.


Interview By Saimaa Miller

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